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Partnered with Boccia England, a national governing body, to create a modern scorekeeping solution. Designed an iPad app that connects to an external big screen. The scoreboard is used at local, national and international competitions and was used at the National Paralympic Day in London.

National Paralympic Day


I designed the app to be used by officials with a range of technology experience and physical abilities. Volunteers may not have ever used an iPad before, so faux-tacticle buttons were used to make the experience more intuitive, and more similar to a traditional scoreboard. Additional accessibility was added for page scrolling – a swipe-up is complemented with manual scroll buttons for those who find swiping difficult.

iPad interface – controls for each competitor to start timer or increase score, an edit button, and end indicator with next end button.History with search functionality


Match details are shown on a seperate big screen for players and spectators. Information on the screens needs to be read from at least 10m away. This posed an interesting challenge, with the solution including additional graphical elements to support the contrast and typography. For example, the position of the highlighted circle within a set indicates the end being played, even if the number cannot be read. Similarly, a time-remaining ring provides a bold visual indicator of timing, which can be seen from a greater distance than the numerical display. Audio alerts also notify officials and players when time-remaining reaches key points.

Results on a big screenResults on a big screenResults on a big screen