Boccia England
Branding, Web Application Development

About the Client

Boccia England is a national governing body and a leader in one of the world’s fastest growing disability sports.


This was a major project that began with a rebranding. I then developed an extensive online system that streamlined many of Boccia England’s business processes. Features included: a centralised database of participants, competition registration, payments, scheduling, match progressions and live results, an online shop and annual membership subscriptions.


Refined brand visual identity.

Introduced a style guide that provides guidance for consistent typography, iconography, colour, shape and photography use, as well as linguistic conventions.

Application to a wide range of material, including posters, social media, apparel, event signage, and stationery.

Sample letterhead. Logo in the top right.
Business card.

Competition Management

From registration and payments, to check-in, match scheduling and live results.

There are currently four international classifications for athletes and a further four national classifications, each with different rules and parameters. This needed to be accounted for in many parts of the system.


Scheduling matches used to require a lot of manual work and rework using spreadsheets, often late into the night before a competition the next day.

Using the new system, organisers can select the total available courts, start and end times, and match duration for the classification. They can drag and drop matches from an automatically created list and place them in the available time slots – a considerable reduction in time and effort. For athletes, match times are published on the website as soon as they are determined.

Staff scheduling interface
staff scheduling interface
Schedule as shown at the competition on dedicated screens
schedule on the competition screens
Schedule on the website
schedule on the website


Results are displayed live on the website and on a series of large screens at the competition.

Results as shown at the competition on dedicated screens
Results as shown on the website
boccia ball


Developed the shop, cart and payment system to work with participants’ existing account and personal information. Payment processing uses the Braintree payment gateway for a seamless user experience.

Product Photography

Working with a sports photographer, I produced a series of product photos for the shop.